First Friday Gathering

The Gathering is one of the most powerful ways to give and receive the support and encouragement that you need to build your faith and your business. You can count on making valuable connections with other faith-filled women entrepreneurs. Each first Friday of the month, we share fun, fellowship, and participate in a discussion with insights to grow your faith and your business.

April’s Gathering is Good Friday, one of the pivotal and sacred days of our Christian faith. Without the cross, where would we be? The death and resurrection changed EVERYTHING.

One of the ways we will celebrate is by having communion together. So, bring your bread, a cracker, wine, grape juice, cranberry juice, water, whatever you have we’ll partake in remembrance of Him.

 Join us on Friday, May 7th from 1 PM – 3 PM EST

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Tips For How To Show Up
#1. Cameras On.  This is an interactive event, so please show up camera-ready!

#2. Let the Light Pour In.  Set-up where you can have lots of natural light coming in and lighting your face. The light should not hit your back. Natural light is not only great for energy levels, but it’s also a great look! Be mindful that your computer screen is a source of unflattering light, so adjust your screen brightness if necessary.

#3. Raise your Camera.  Do whatever it takes to position your camera at eye level. This means you might have to get creative! The best and only camera angel to strive for is head-on, so your camera is at the same level as your eyes.

#4. Find your best headphones.  Your headphones will help to eliminate feedback from your computer speakers and they might even have a better mic than your computer. You can test your external mic vs. computer mic via a Zoom audio Test.

#5. What to Bring.  Grab your favorite pen, notepaper, sticky notes, and any snacks or hydration to keep you comfortable.

#6. What NOT to Bring.  Eliminate as many potential distractions as possible. Find a comfortable and quiet place, turn your phone on silent, close all browser tabs on your computer, and set up your email auto-responder as you would if attending an in-person event.

#7. Engage Mindfully.  Keep yourself muted at appropriate times and be mindful of how “Chat” is being used—either as a tool or as a distraction.

#8. Check your Tech.  Update Zoom to the latest version. To test in advance or get any help with Zoom Setup, reply to this email!

#9. Enjoy Yourself!  When you show up as your best self, your positive attitude and energy will ripple through the group.

As we enter a whole new world of learning, teaching, and training online, we are being asked as leaders (and participants) to be clear in our expectations for how we show up for ourselves and each other.

We lovingly ask that you honor our agreements of participation:

  • End to End Attendance: please be prepared to be present from beginning to end.
  • Be Stationary: please be prepared to participate from a stationary spot. Participation from a moving vehicle, while on a walk, etc. will not work for this type of experience.
  • Full Engagement: Please have both your video and audio on through your computer/laptop/cellphone.
  • Fully Present: Please eliminate notifications, distractions, or anything that will take your attention from the experience.

Failure to show up fully present and ready to engage does not work for this type of workshop. If an attendee does not show up honoring the participation agreement they will be asked to exit the workshop. Thank you for your understanding.