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What is the Audacious Faith Community?


Dear Beloved,

Running your business can be a bit overwhelming with tight deadlines, challenging customers and ever-changing technology. If you find it difficult to keep up with the demands and responsibility of being an entrepreneur – YOU ARE NOT ALONE. 

Everywhere I turn, I meet Christian business owners who are struggling to build a successful business or struggling to keep up with the demands of a growing and thriving business. The fact is that building a business that honors God and your calling can be challenging and at times a little lonely.

Perhaps, your perspective on what you really want in life and from your business has shifted, maybe you aren’t sure what God is calling you to do next. Or, maybe what used to work for you or bring you joy just isn’t as fulfilling as it once was and you wonder what God is really up to concerning the next season in your business.

Beloved, I know you want what I want: to draw closer to God in the most intimate way. As you draw closer to Him, you’ll develop a more meaningful and rewarding relationship which is really the point of all of this in the first place.

“What? Who Me? Are you sure God?!?!

When God whispered in my ear and instructed me to expand the focus of my speaking business beyond corporate clients to include Christian business owners, I thought to myself, “I can do that.” But when the fullness of the vision was revealed and included birthing the Audacious Faith movement, my response was…

Like Moses, I immediately began to doubt that I was the right woman for the job. My Moses moment lasted 3 months. During this season, I ignored God’s calling for me to shift the direction of my business. I questioned Him, and then I had the audacity to try and negotiate with Him. Maybe you have or are doing the same thing?

When God calls you to grow, shift, leap or stretch…

Let your response be, “Yes and Amen!”

The exciting news is that regardless of where you find yourself, God declares in Jeremiah 29:11 that He knows the plans He has for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and to bless you. This blessing isn’t just for your personal life, it extends to your business as well.

God Wants You to Have a Thriving and Wildly Successful Business!!!

But the Question Is… Do You Know How to Access The Success That Is Your Rightful Destiny?

God didn’t call you into business to fail. The Lord wants to bring us the clients and the team we need to make a powerful impact for the Kingdom because our work is a form of worship.

That’s why the Old Testament uses the same Hebrew word— avodah—for both worship and work.

When done well, your contribution in the marketplace brings glory to God and at the same time creates financial power and freedom for you.

The space you’ve been looking and praying for is right here!

There are countless programs designed to help you grow your business – and there’s a church on every corner ready to help you grow your faith. But why is it hard to find one place where you can integrate your faith and business?

Does this sound familiar?

  • Your friends at church just don’t understand your entrepreneurial lifestyle and the many challenges that come along with your calling in the marketplace. They don’t understand the mantle you bear or your insane drive to be a game changer and make a difference through your business.
  • It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a group of business owners who have successfully integrated their faith into the foundation of their business and made God their supernatural CEO. Where their visions, mission and values are Christ-centered, and their #1 desire is to honor God with their business.

The Conditions are Perfect for a Major Shift!

We are being positioned to change the narrative of what it means to be a Christian business owner! With Christ in us, we are the hope of His glory. We are in a season of acceleration where God is rearranging the universe to give us the desires of our hearts as we align with Him and approach the throne with a hunger for the impossible.

As Christians, we are called to live from glory to glory and it is exciting to watch God constantly take great things and make them greater. This serves as a great example of how we are to live and work. Our featured experts are ready to help you stretch to your next level of greatness.

An incredible lineup of the world’s most powerful and transformational faith leaders and business experts who are 100% committed to sharing Christ-centered strategies to grow your faith and business. Our team of experts create training every month to help you deepen your faith and implement the business strategies you need to grow and thrive in your business. 

Through the Audacious Faith Community, God is gifting you the opportunity to:

  • Think About Success…Biblically
  • Live Your Life…Righteously
  • Love People…Supernaturally
  • And Build Your Business…Strategically

Here is What You Get as a Member of the Audacious Faith Community

The Academy Level

  • Monthly Faith and Business Training Modules
  • New Member Orientation (6-Weeks)
  • The Audacious Faith Success Path (5 Week Training)
  • Access to Archived Training in the Business Academy
  • Access to the Audacious Faith Community
  • Access to Master Circles (Discussion Forums)
  • Access to the Sales Intelligence Tool
  • The Gathering – Monthly Food, Fun and Fellowship on Friday
  • Sister Circles – Made up of a Mentor, Peer, and Mentee
  • Audacious Faith Strategy Day (Quarterly)
  • Office Depot Discount Program
  • Sales Intelligence Tool
  • Book Club & Book Reviews
  • Tech Tip Tuesdays

The Masterclass Level

  • Everything in the Academy Level PLUS
  • Monthly 2-Hour Mastermind and Mentoring Calls
  • Two Complimentary Tickets to all Audacious Faith Events
  • Access to our SMS Mobile Marketing System
  • Audacious Faith Perks Discount Program

Do You Have Audacious Faith and Believe:

  • God is constantly working to bless you and He wants you to have a thriving business.
  • You can get paid well to do what you love.
  • God has a tribe of people who are waiting to work with you.
  • You were born to make a difference and God’s plan is for you to WIN!

Are you ready to pioneer the future and release the creativity of heaven to create more success and wealth than you’ve even known? Success and wealth love action! Now the ball is in your court.

Join the Audacious Faith Community to Help You Answer The Call And Make A Difference While Growing Your Business.

Too often, we sit back and wait for a move from God when God is actually waiting on us to get busy and make a move.

You have a destiny in Christ to express through your business and the marketplace is poised for the unique value that only you can provide.

The conditions are perfect for the grandiosity of the work for which God has called you!

Are you ready?

When we successfully carry out our destiny, we become carriers of hope and we change the narrative of what it means to build a profitable Kingdom business.

God is raising up the next generation of wealth through influencers and game changers who are called to move into their God-assigned position as kingdom entrepreneurs for such a time as this!

Do you desire to start a new business, or grow your existing business, but feel like you are running out of steam and you need a dose of inspiration and a whole lot of faith to press forward?

Have you been praying for God to bless your business and expand your territory so you can serve more people?

Are you looking for ways to integrate and use your faith to fuel your business success?

Audacious Faith Was Created For YOU!

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