You are here by personal invitation because I believe you are a Game Changer who is driven by purpose, led by an audacious vision and called to make a major contribution that will disrupt the status quo and impact the world.

Are You Ready to Disrupt Your Industry, 10X Your Reach and Make More Money Easier, Faster and with a Greater Sense of Confidence?

Imagine Getting the Support You Need to create A GAME CHANGING Business While Enjoying a Transformational Trip to The Most Luxurious, Opulent City in the World…DUBAI!

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November 2nd – 9th, 2022

To Re-invent, Revive and Re-ignite Your Business

Attention Enterprising Speakers, Coaches, Consultants and Entrepreneurs who are ready to change the game and are serious about taking their business to the next level… 

The Game Changers Mastermind Retreat is the PREMIER BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT EXPERIENCE FOR ENTREPRENEURS who are serious about making BIG changes in their business – FAST.

Have you ever thought…

  • I’m growing my business, but how do I reach 5x, 10x or even 15x more people?
  • I love what I do, but there must be a better way to make more with less effort?
  • I’m ready to go to the next level, but how do I get there?

You’re Probably Working Harder Than You Have to,
Making Less Money Than You Should Be, and – Perhaps
Most Importantly of All – Not Touching the Lives of as
Many People as You COULD Be

I remember sitting on the edge of my bed and thinking, “If this is what my life will be like in order to have a successful business, I don’t think I want it.” I had a growing business, doing the work I loved, but I knew there was more…more people I was called to serve, more meaning I was meant to experience and more wealth I was meant to create so I could do more good in the world.

I decided to start a mastermind group of like-minded game changers because I realized I didn’t need more training to SHIFT my business, I needed better strategies.

This one change was the SHIFT I needed. As a result, I increased my speaking fees by over 9,000% in less than 3 years. I started 4 successful businesses with less than $98 in my savings account and saw my revenue grow to over a million dollars in less than 36 months.

The Value of a Great Mastermind is Priceless!

Success requires more than being exceptional at what you do. Who you know and access to game changing strategies will grow your business faster than talent ever could.

Sometimes the most powerful transformations and the changes that deliver the greatest ROI are a result of a few strategic shifts that change the game and create new opportunities that didn’t previously exist.

The Game Changers Mastermind Retreat is a powerful, high-impact event for experts, speakers, coaches and service professionals. We will leverage the collective genius of the peer group of thought-leaders and disruptors to discover strategies needed to increase exposure, impact and income.

It’s Time to Brand Your Brilliance, Monetize Your Message and Create A Clear Market Domination Strategy to LAUNCH the Most Lucrative and Satisfying Version of Your Business You Could Ever Imagine!

If you want to win in business and in life, you must tap into the reservoir of your talent, develop and embrace your passion and learn to brand your brilliance so it stands out from the crowd – and shines.

And what better place to take your business to the next level than Dubai with a group of like-minded THOUGHT LEADERS ?!?!

Imagine working on your business with a small, intimate group of like-minded Game Changers amidst the grandeur of Dubai, with its unparalleled abundance and stunningly spectacular scenery, as you take your business to the next level of success on this 7-day retreat.

Register today and prepare to experience dramatic growth spiritually, personally, professionally, and financially. And you’ll have lots of fun in the process.

Are you a game changing, purposed-driven, passion-filled small business owner who…

  • Has worked hard making millions for your previous employers and you are now ready to figure out how to make millions for yourself.
  • Has built a successful business but you know there is more you were created to do and you are ready to find it and experience what it means to have a thriving business and a satisfying life.
  • Knows you are smart and talented but struggle to do for your own business what you so easily do for others.
  • Believes you were called for a specific purpose that only you can complete, and you are ready to build the business you were created to lead.
  • Would like to create a business that works for you instead of the other way around.
  • Is done riding the feast or famine roller-coaster and you are ready to enjoy the peace that flows from consistent income.

Yes?  Know that it wasn’t an accident that you were invited to this exclusive, invitation only mastermind retreat. It’s time to take your life and business to another level of success, meaning and mastery.

The Game Changers Mastermind Retreat is:

  • A super intimate and revealing experience that will challenge and support on the journey to discovering the most lucrative and satisfying life and business you could ever imagine.
  • An opportunity to see yourself and your business through a new set of eyes and from a different perspective to eliminate blind spots and reveal new possibilities to strategically grow your business.
  • An inspiring and transformational experience designed to unearth your best…ideas, strategies, and options.
  • A chance to take a break and enjoy the finer things in life as you dine, play and explore during mind-blowing excursions filled with opulence and wonder.
  • An opportunity to collaborate with like-minded game changing business owners who are also committed to growing, sharing and transforming.

Ready to Create a Game Changing Business? 

The Game Changers Mastermind Retreat is Not:

  • A vacation and fun-filled trip to Dubai where you’ll play all day and forget about the challenges in your business.
  • An opportunity to get other people to solve your problems.
  • A space where you get to learn and grow from the contribution of others yet withhold your brilliance and genius.


  • Find yourself having more clarity about what you really want and how to make it happen.
  • Find yourself feeling refreshed and more focused with a strong desire to do the work needed to get to the next level.
  • Find yourself feeling excited about embracing the path that will lead to the new and improved version of your life and business.
  • Find that you have a new network of friends who will support you and encourage you on your journey towards a more successful and fulfilling business.

Join Us For The

Game Changers Mastermind Retreat

When: November 2nd – 9th, 2022

Where: Dubai, Arab Emirates – Dubai Marriott Harbour Hotel and Suites

Along with the business-boosting, life-changing, profit generating strategies you’ll gain during our mastermind sessions, you’ll also enjoy WORLD-CLASS EXCURSIONS like:

  • Evening Desert Safari Tour with BBQ Dinner – Enjoy a thrilling desert ride leading up to dinner and a gorgeous sunset in the golden sand of the desert.
  • Burj Khalifa – Take a tour of the tallest building in the world.
  • Mall of the Emirates – Enjoy an incredible array of stores supplying a diverse shopping selection in one of the largest malls in the world. You’ll find anything you could possibly wish for and more!
  • The Gold Souks – Boasts an estimated 10 tons of gold present at any given time and the narrow lanes are lined with over 300 retailers featuring a wide variety of unique wares.
  • Yacht Cruise – Enjoy a beautiful yacht cruise in the Dubai Marina while partaking in a bountiful variety of refreshments and libations.
  • Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo – Home to thousands of aquatic animals, comprising over 140 species. Over 400 Sharks and Rays live in our 10 million litre tank, including Sand Tiger Sharks, Giant Groupers, and a host of other marine species. 

Register Today and Secure Your Seat!

Please note that we may make changes to the schedule without notice. We appreciate your understanding regarding our need to be flexible when booking excursions. We guarantee that you will experience a minimum of 5 mind blowing excursions.

If you’re like many business owners I work with, you’ve been so busy serving your clients that you haven’t had much time to focus on where they’re coming from, how you can find more of them, or how you can serve them more efficiently.

If you have…

  • A great product or service
  • A growing list of satisfied customers and
  • A decent word-of-mouth referral system

But DON’T have…

  • Systems in place to save you time, leverage your energy and bring in more money…
  • A clear marketing strategy so you can ALWAYS find, attract and engage new prospects — without cold calling
  • Crystal clear messaging that magnetically attracts your ideal clients to you
  • A solid understanding of EXACTLY where to focus your energy so you’ll get the biggest wins in your marketing, with less effort…

Then the Game Changers Mastermind Retreat is for you!

I know how easy it is to just keep telling yourself that “someday” you’ll figure out the answers to the challenges keeping you on your current level, but the truth is, unless you take time OUT of your business to work ON your business, you’re most likely going to be in the exact same position a year from now…

Take a minute to picture yourself, one short year down the road, still putting in late nights, still taking on less-than-ideal clients and still undervaluing yourself—except you’ll be another year older, with another year’s stress taking a toll on your mind and body…

The good news is that you don’t have to continue doing things the way you’ve been doing them. You don’t have to figure it all out by yourself. If you make the decisionto set aside some time to work ON your business – with an expert who can tell you PRECISELY what you need to get clear on to address your particular challenges and with a mastermind group who can bring fresh insights that will help you break through barriers faster and with greater ease – you can catapult your business to the next level in a relatively short period of time…

This 7-day program is designed to help you tap into the best strategies, learn the most successful business models, and explore game changing ideas to help you get paid what you’re worth and automate your workflow.

It’s true… We have a LOT OF VALUE packed into this high-level, business-development mastermind retreat, but that’s not all. You’ll also receive the following BONUS:

Photo Package.  We will have a photographer follow our experience and each evening, photos of your experience will be uploaded for you to share on your social media sites.  You will have access to all photos and you can incorporate them into your marketing when you return to your home office.

WOW! Could it get any better than that?

Well… actually, Yes! When you register for the Game Changers Mastermind Retreat we will promote your business across all of our social media sites which has over 40k followers. 

We will create a customized graphic and social media post to feature your business and tell our followers how they can learn more about your products and services.

We’ll also share your experience in Dubai on our social networks during the 7-day experience.

Give me 7-days and I promise that you’ll never be the same. You’ll experience mind-blowing breakthroughs and you’ll make more money – faster and easier than you’ve ever made before! 

In fact, listen to what some of my previous clients have said about the transformation that has occurred in their business and their life as a result of working with me.

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Now that you have seen what is TRULY POSSIBLE for you and your business, commit the time required to work ON your business and CATAPULT to the next level!

Join Us For The

Game Changers Mastermind Retreat

November 2nd – 9th, 2022

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