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Get the education and support from experts in the industry to build your online brand.  Women of Audacious Faith gives you the resources you need to step into your God-given talents and become a Game-Changer in your industry.

Hi!  I’m Lethia Owens!

I help women that are struggling to get their business off the ground and help them develop a wildly successful online business that they have always dreamed of. As a woman business owner, I know first-hand the challenges you face every day. That’s why I created Women of Audacious Faith, to provide you the education, coaching, and empowerment you need to take your business to the next level.

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Learn all aspects of marketing your brand and getting the word out about what you have to offer. Find the tools and resources you need to put a consistent marketing strategy in place.


We will help you develop your brand and get clear on the unique value proposition you offer. Learn how you can set yourself apart and speak directly to your ideal client’s pain point.

Sales Strategy

Scale your business with a rock-solid sales strategy. We will teach you how to get people into your funnels and lead them through a customer journey they will love.

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