Being in business is filled with so many wonderful blessings of freedom, service, servant leadership, and transformation to name a few. God takes great pleasure in using your gifts and talents to accomplish His will and to bless His people. It also comes with great responsibility and can sometimes feel overwhelming – if you try to do it out of your own strength.

I am sharing the following prayer to help you along your journey of building a wildly successful business in 2021.

Dear heavenly Father,

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to do the work you have called me to do. The fact that you would choose me to serve others brings me great joy and satisfaction. I seek your guidance as I work to build a business based on biblical principles. I pray for the wisdom to accomplish your will and the courage to believe I can be successful. I honor you as the owner of my business and the most important partner I have. Help me to daily surrender in this area so I don’t try to do this alone.

Lord help me to set proper boundaries. Show me how to honor you in all things and find ways to grow my business that do not require me to sacrifice my health, my sanity, or my family. Help me to create harmony in my life and home. Help me to stay focused on what you have called me to do and not get distracted doing good work. Help me trust the path you have placed me on to serve the people you have called me to serve. I pray that I look to you for my source of inspiration, creativity, and direction and that I don’t focus on comparing myself to others. Help me to remain faithful, courageous, and obedient to what you have assigned to me. I know that obedience is more important than the outcome.

Help me to see myself the way you see me. Help me develop a healthy and accurate view of success and failure. Success isn’t just measured by record sales, a large tribe, or a faithful following. Just as failure is not measured by a slump in sales, low engagement on social media, and not getting your sales funnel mapped out by the end of the year. Help me find my confidence in you and not the number of likes I have on Facebook or the number of comments I have on an Instagram post.

Renew my mind and spirit. Create in me a deep desire to know you and read the word. May your grace and mercy give me strength when I’m faced with challenges. Help me stay aligned with your will for my life and give me the courage to say yes to the divine opportunities, connections, and projects you bring my way. Please make me a magnet for my divine clients and send more mentors, collaborators and supporters my way. I thank you for loving me unconditionally and giving me your best even when I don’t deserve it.

I am doing this work because I love you. I pray that you are glorified through my good works and that they are pleasing in your sight. Continue to nudge me when I start to stray and give me hope for a phenomenal future.