Email Subject: Complete Your Audacious Faith Expert Application

Hi Beloved,

Success and wealth love action. You’ve taken the first step and expressed your interest in becoming an Audacious Faith Expert. Woot Woot!!!

We are excited to have you among the hundreds of women around the world who desire to share their expertise through our community. Your brilliance is undeniable and we are inspired by the transformational work you are doing in the world.

You wouldn’t believe the opposition we have faced to birth this movement and the hoops we have had to jump through just to even get this message to you. Our email account was taken offline for over a week and my instagram account was impersonated just to name a few.But what I know beloved like I know my name is that whenever there is a massive move of God and a great vision being birthed, there is also a great opposing force that will try to stop you. That is when you need Audacious Faith the most. 

We are women of Audacious Faith and divine action. We move when God calls us or nudges us and we live by faith not fear. So the enemy can’t stop you, deter you, defeat you or break you. WE ARE barrier breakers and everything you need in order to experience God’s best for your life and your business is on the other side of your YES!

Now it’s time to take the next steps in the expert application process.

Step 1: Become a member of the Audacious Faith Community if you haven’t already done so. Our community is like no other you have experienced. Click here to register today. Enrollment is open for just a few more days and will close soon.

Step 2: Please fill out this form in order to complete the application process. The deadline is March 29th. Please review the information today so you know what you have to prepare to put your best foot stiletto forward LOL!

Step 3: If you have questions and would like to speak with someone on our team, join us for an Experts Q&A Call on Tues March 26th at 12 noon CST / 1pm EST. 

Expert Q&A Call Link – https://zoom.us/my/lethiaowens

I look forward to learning and growing with you.