We See You, Beloved!

Beloved, you have been invited to this page because someone you know is inspired by your walk of faith, expertise, and commitment to helping others succeed!

We see you and recognize you as a game changer, thought leader, change agent, and influencer! Your brilliance is undeniable and we are inspired by the transformational work you are doing in the world.

Audacious Faith is a business community created to help women grow their faith as they grow their business.

We are a bold and audacious group of women who love God and believe He is calling us to rise up and step into the full power and potential that comes with being a daughter of the King. No longer will we accept less than what God desires for us.

Audacious Faith is more than a community…

Our Vision

To become the world’s premier Christ-centered business community who best understands and satisfies the spiritual growth, professional development, and connection needs of women business owners – globally.

Our Mission

To equip women with the Biblical principles, business strategies, and support needed to successfully live out and fulfill their purpose. We accomplish this by helping our members build collaborative covenant relationships, get paid what they’re worth, and generate substantial wealth using their God-given gifts and talents.

Never Have You Ever Seen A Community Like This!

Imagine a space where:

  • Community, collaboration, and contribution is everything!
  • Women are taught how to REALLY show up for one another and support one another.
  • Community members become covenant sisters committed to doing life together, building empires together, and loving one another NO MATTER WHAT!!!
  • Members have access to world class business training, spiritual teachings, and transformational coaching.
  • Sisters participate in monthly gatherings and share fellowship, fun, and growth activities to help them become better women so they can have better businesses.
  • Members enjoy numerous opportunities to network and learn together through Bible studies, book clubs, and master circles.
  • Members have access to online tools, branding, marketing, and sales related software designed to help them save time and money.
  • Sisters support each other through joint ventures, collaborations, and service exchanges.
  • Business women can network with, connect, and refer one another in a private, focused, engaged community without having to weed through the noise found on most social media sites.

You don’t just have to imagine it and you aren’t dreaming…

This is the Audacious Faith Movement!

We Are Seeking A New Generation of Female Icons, Game Changers and Glass Ceiling Breakers!!!

For a limited time, we are accepting applications for Audacious Faith Experts. These individuals serve as faculty members and coaches within our community.

Our Faculty Members (speakers and trainers) are committed to providing world-class training for our members and sharing their expertise through community engagement.

Our Coaches are committed to providing world-class group coaching for our members and sharing their expertise through community engagement.

 This opportunity may be right for you if…

  • You have transformational trainings or programs and want to tap into a large community of women who may be looking for the solutions you provide.
  • You have a large email list with engaged female subscribers who look forward to and respond to your emails.
  • You are a speaker or coach with a successful business, however, you have not leveraged or monetized the power of the membership model but would love to add it as an additional stream of income.

If selected to be an Audacious Faith Expert, you will be part of a covenant sisterhood where you will experience:

  • A robust community where you can find support.
  • The joy and fulfillment of contributing your expertise to help others.
  • Growth in your own business as you serve others and help them grow theirs.
  • Increased awareness for your business and brand by being positioned as an expert to our global membership.
  • Expanded reach and credibility by sharing your expertise with a global organization of business women.
  • Opportunities to monetize your talent and expertise by speaking and/or coaching at live and virtual Audacious Faith events.
  • Increased visibility for your events and offerings by being featured on our podcast, directory, calendar of events, and bookstore.

We Are Looking For Experts in the Following Areas:

But Wait There’s More!!!

One of our core values is helping women generate substantial wealth. One way we are able to do this is by rewarding Audacious Faith Experts substantially for their efforts to help our members grow while also helping to grow our community. In fact, while serving our community, Audacious Faith Experts earn a generous monthly commission of 50% on all active members they refer. Woot Woot!!! Now that is what we call a blessing!!!

Many have called us crazy for offering such a generous referral commission, but we are clear that God wants to use Audacious Faith to bless others.

Click the Tabs Below to Learn More About this Opportunity:

As an Audacious Faith Expert, you will enjoy the benefits of a complimentary VIP membership which includes:

  1. Access to our monthly mentoring and mastermind sessions.
  2. Two complimentary tickets to all Audacious Faith Events.
  3. Access to our proprietary SMS Mobile Marketing Software.
  4. Access to our sales intelligence tool for speakers and coaches.
  5. A member discount program to help you save on the things you buy every day plus travel, vacation packages, electronics, and professional services.
  6. A 50% discount on the Game Changers Mastermind Retreat in Dubai.

If selected to be an Audacious Faith Expert, you will receive the following support:

  • We will host Audacious Faith Experts Retreats twice a year. We will provide training to help you grow your business, increase your Audacious Faith enrollments, and take your videos or live coaching to the next level. (Audacious Faith Experts pay for their airfare and hotel and we cover all other expenses including local transportation, training materials, and meals.)
  • You will be assigned a Professional Development Coach to ensure you have the support you need to be successful.
  • You will receive ongoing sales training to ensure you get the support you need to master the various methods for enrolling new members. This makes hitting your enrollment goals a piece of cake.

Each Audacious Faith Expert is required to enroll 6 members per month and will earn 50% of the monthly membership fee paid by these members.

Experts will be asked to select two areas of expertise for which they will provide support to our members.

You may apply to be either a Faculty Member or a Coach. Though you may apply for both positions, you will only be offered one of the two positions.

Faculty Commitment

Faculty members are required to create the following each quarter:

  • One 7-Minute Mastery Video and Handout based on their assigned area of expertise.
  • Two Mentoring Moment Videos that are 2 minutes or less, featuring a powerful strategy based on their expertise.
  • Be an active participant within our community.

Coaches Commitment

Coaches will support members in the following ways:

  • Host two 60-minute live group coaching sessions each quarter called, “The Coach is In!” at 12:00 pm CT and 7:00 pm CT.
  • Spend a minimum of 1-hour per week answering member questions and sharing tips based on their area of expertise.

If you have been looking for a way to serve more people, grow your business, and increase your visibility, we invite you to apply to become an Audacious Faith Expert. The application deadline is March 15, 2019.

Are you ready to join our team of game changing experts?

We are excited to work with the world’s most talented facilitators and coaches to shift how women of faith show up in their business and the world. Will you join us on this amazing journey?

If you choose to apply and we hope you do, we will be in touch shortly to schedule your interview.


The Audacious Faith Team