Please watch the following full episode then share your feedback by answering the questions below. You might find it helpful to make general notes on a notepad while watching the episode then come here to share your final feedback.

We would like you to include feedback on the show flow and the segments. Here is the structure of the show so you can provide feedback on these areas.

The show format is as follows:

  • Show Intro (2 Minutes)
  • Main Topic Part 1 (6 Minutes)
  • Just Gotta Have It – Tools, resources and gadgets that we absolutely love! (2 Minutes)
  • The Word of the Day – Exploring the Scriptures (3 Minutes)
  • Fierce and Fabulous – Fashion, Beauty, Makeup and Accessories (3 Minutes)
  • Inspirational Stories of Super Fabulous Girlfriends we know or wish we knew (3 Minutes) 
  • Supplemental Segment on either Living Well, Relationships Matter, Real Self Care, Wealthy Women (4 Minutes)
  • Main Topic Part 2 (6 Minutes)
  • This Week in Worship – Discussion on a worship song or hymn (1 Minute)
  • Show Closing (2 Minutes)

Your feedback is anonymous so please be lovingly honest and provide a great critique without being critical. Please try to avoid answering with YES or NO answers and instead provide supporting details that will help us understand your feedback.

Thanks for your help with this project.

Faith Fueled Business Show Feedback – Full Episode