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Thank you for joining the movement and lending your brilliance and backing to what is the most important work I have ever embarked upon. We have created the following resources to make it easy for you to share our event with your network. We have provided an email you can send out as well as social media posts and a graphic you can schedule to go out to your primary social media networks.

Sample Promotional Email – Invitation to Join the Audacious Faith Community
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Subject: The Audacity of Destiny!

If you’re like many of the business women I know, you deeply desire to bless others through your gifts and expertise yet figuring out how to create consistent and sustainable success has proven to be more difficult than you expected and the journey can be lonely.

I am excited to tell you about Audacious Faith, a community of amazing women of who are committed to doing sisterhood and business differently. Women who will not only hear you, help you and love you…but will also stretch you, encourage you and challenge you to step into the next best version of yourself.

If you are looking for a community who gets you, will support and REALLY love you. You’ll find it here at Audacious Faith – http://MyAudaciousFaith.com/Live. There are a lot of places where women are gathering but there aren’t many places where God’s love is evident and present in words AND actions and where you will get the training needed to get noticed, booked and paid what you are worth.

This community is for you, no matter where you are on your business journey. Whether you are dreaming of starting your business, working to turn your business from struggling to thriving, or simply working to take your business to the next level, you will find incredible insights, transformational training and encouraging encounters in the Audacious Faith Community.

Will you answer the call to dream bigger than you ever have, live bolder than you thought you could and become better than you’ve ever been? Take a moment to learn more about the Audacious Faith Community – http://MyAudaciousFaith.com/Live.

Don’t wait or you may miss this opportunity. Enrollment is open for just a few day and the doors will close at midnight on Tues March 19, 2019.

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Social Media Posts

  • Is God tugging at you to take the next step in your growing business? You are not alone! Join the movement http://MyAudaciousFaith.com/live where women go to develop audacious faith and build a wildly successful business! #WildlySuccessfulBiz #WomanOfAudaciousFaith
  • Are you a woman of faith who loves God but often struggles to trust Him when it comes to running your business? The Audacious Faith Business Community is for women who want to learn how to trust God as they grow their business so they can get paid well to do what they love! #AudaciousFaith http://MyAudaciousFaith.com/live
  • Faith is tested when we are afraid, when things get hard, when we feel alone, and when things don’t go our way. Your faith will be deepened the most when you come face to face with life’s toughest challenges. Join the Audacious Faith movement http://MyAudaciousFaith.com/live #AudaciousFaith
  • Are You a Women of Audacious Faith? Unfortunately, bad news, tragedy, and gossip travel fast. What if we could help God’s love travel FASTER? We are on a mission to #BlessAndBreakTheInternet by creating a movement that unites Christian Business Women all over the world. Join the movement http://MyAudaciousFaith.com/live.


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  • If you’re ready to build a wildly successful business and develop audacious faith, Join the movement! http://MyAudaciousFaith.com/live #AudaciousFaith
  • It doesn’t matter where you are in your journey. The Women of Audacious Faith are waiting for you! Join the conversation. #AudaciousFaith http://MyAudaciousFaith.com/live
  • Have you been praying for a breakthrough in your business? Join the movement. #AudaciousFaith http://MyAudaciousFaith.com/live
  • If you’re ready to build a wildly successful business and get paid well to do what you love, audacious faith is for you! http://MyAudaciousFaith.com/live #AudaciousFaith
  • Are you looking for ways to integrate and use your faith to fuel your business success? Join the conversation. http://MyAudaciousFaith.com/live #AudaciousFaith
  • Put your FAITH to work and develop a game changer’s mindset! Join the conversation. #AudaciousFaith http://MyAudaciousFaith.com/live
  • Learn how to use your story to connect with prospects and magnetize your brand. Join the conversation. #AudaciousFaith http://MyAudaciousFaith.com/live
  • With every decision you make and action you take, you are either CREATING a consequence or an opportunity. #AudaciousFaith http://MyAudaciousFaith.com/live
  • #WomenOfAudaciousFaith NEVER quit. Decide that whatever it takes you will WIN!!! Your focus will determine your future. Join the movement #AudaciousFaith http://MyAudaciousFaith.com/live
  • Are you a woman of faith who loves God but often struggles to include Him or trust Him when it comes to running your business? We’ve been there. Learn how we turned it around. Join the conversation. #AudaciousFaith http://MyAudaciousFaith.com/live
  • The favor, abundance, fulfillment and success you desire can only be achieved and sustained by trusting God and being obedient to what He is calling you to do. God wants you to build a wildly successful business. #AudaciousFaith http://MyAudaciousFaith.com/live
  • When you begin to realize that pain is a part of the process, you will stop focusing on your feelings and start focusing on your destiny. #AudaciousFaith http://MyAudaciousFaith.com/live
  • Let me ask you this…What is the difference between where you are and where you are called to be? What would your life look like if you were living on divine purpose? #AudaciousFaith http://MyAudaciousFaith.com/live
  • Beloved, don’t be discouraged if the enemy tries to block your blessings. He is looking for you where he last saw you but he can’t find you because you are moving at the speed of purpose!!! #AudaciousFaith http://MyAudaciousFaith.com/live
  • Fix your focus on the power that created you and the power within you! God has been preparing you for this very moment. #AudaciousFaith http://MyAudaciousFaith.com/live