Running a business is a difficult task to do alone so having the right people on your team is essential for everything to be a success.  Hiring the right person can be a tricky adventure, but when you find the right person to work as your assistant, it won’t only give you peace of mind, it can boost your business. 

In honor of Administrative Assistants’ Week, we lift up those individuals who support the managers, executives, and owners of the nation’s businesses.  You take on the tasks that many people don’t want to do and you do it with a smile.  Your efforts do not go unnoticed, even though as business owners we are sometimes in a rush, we appreciate everything you do.  

Audacious Faith Quote​What does having the right assistant mean for your business?  It can be the deal-breaker between you reaching or not reaching your goals.  Your assistant in many cases is your right hand aiding you in many daily tasks which gives you more time to devote to your business. Your assistant is the one person who handles some of the light issues and gives you hours back into your day.  Their ‘assist’ is equal to making your 24 hour day a 28 hour one.  When you have more time to devote to your business – or to you – you are able to create a new product or service to serve your clients/customers, spend more time networking with a new circle of influence or just a few moments away enjoying some downtime at a Barnes & Nobles reading your favorite business author’s new bestseller.  These extra hours help you become a better you and can help increase the success of your business.  

Having the right assistant can help increase the morale of the office.  A cheery person with a sunny disposition can lift the spirits of everyone in the place.  When morale is up, productivity is up and that makes the office run smoothly.  I had the pleasure of working with a woman several years ago that greeted you with a smile as soon as you entered the office and her smile made you smile. No matter how bad your morning was, once you saw Wyonia, you completely forgot that you spilled your coffee in your car on the way or that your dog ran off and made you late for work.  When your team starts the day off on the right foot, the day goes smoothly and when morale is up, more work gets done.  

The right assistant is an extension of you – essentially a mini-you.  As you execute the plan you set forth for your business, the assistant’s role is to help you achieve the plan.  Their insight is typically on target and they are able to see some of the blind spots we as business owners don’t see because sometimes, we are moving too fast.  The right assistant is your safety net.  

Audacious Faith QuoteFinally, the right assistant gives you peace of mind.  When you are operating at a 30,000-foot level view in order to see the big picture, your assistant can operate at the ground level making sure that the day to day activities are secure.  Additionally, when you need a break – like a real break – your assistant can keep the office running while you are away at a business conference or a much-needed vacation; both of which help you to be more productive and ultimately add to your bottom line.  

If you are blessed to have the right assistant – your mini-me – serving alongside you in your business, you are reaping the rewards of their hard work.  Take time this week to show your appreciation because they are worth their weight in gold.