A recent study cited that most companies encounter a 30% loss in profit because of outdated or unorganized internal operations. What does this look like in your business? Here are a few examples.

  • Have you ever found yourself recreating the same document?
  • Is the list of passwords always unreachable when you need it the most?
  • Have you had a customer inquire about the status of an order, only to find that the order was not processed?

These are all tell-tale signs that the business systems within your company need an adjustment. The systems that you install within your company should grow as the company grows and when I refer to systems, I’m not referring to the latest tech gadget or trend. The first step in creating a system for your business is to answer this question.

“What is the experience that I want my clients to have as they engage with me?”

The next step will seem a bit old school, but it is the best next move you can make and that is mapping out what this experience will look like on paper. When mapping out the customer experience, or also known as the customer journey, you want to take into consideration the following:


  • What will the first experience the individual or company will have, as a client?
  • What communication will be sent to them once they’ve have retained the product or service?
  • What happens after the purchase?
  • How will you position the next level of options to work with you? This is also known as the upsell.

By establishing a solid customer journey, it will remove confusion and chaos from yourself and your team because everyone will know exactly what needs to be done when it needs to be done and the standard in which you expect it to be done.

Now, I know that what I’m sharing here isn’t new news for most but allow me to ask you this question. How confident do you feel about the systems and structures in your business today? If the answer to that question wasn’t 95% or higher on the confidence scale then you may have a systems issue and that is one of the first areas that can cause a negative impact in revenue generation.

Addressing any issues within this area of the business can position the company for growth and not addressing the issues can be a direct correlation to why acceleration isn’t occurring. When walking through this exercise I would recommend removing yourself from your current work environment by going to the local coffee shop or sitting at the café inside a beautiful luxury hotel. By removing yourself from the day to day environment it will give you space and room to think through what you want the experience to be and exactly how each part of the customer journey should flow.

As leaders, there are a thousand and one items on our to-do list that seems as if it must be done every day. At this moment allow yourself the room and space to receive grace and structure the organization that you truly desire and the one your clients deserve.